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The Curse of Steadman

Found this scribble I did with Steadman in one of his books – 1987..aaargh. I seem to remember he had a crate of Budweiser and a bottle of Jack, hence the madness. I’ve still got the gold pen he gave me.

Old Label

An old label illustration I did for Anita Roddick’s husband. Thought I’d get it on the blog before it blows up – looks a bit ropey. I’d have drunk it when I was a student!

American Illustration Chosen

No 1 – ‘Chosen’ for American Illustration 2012. Part of a series of photo etching prints I’m working on, loosely based on celebrity.  No 2 – One of 4 pieces I did through The Creative Federation for JISC. Soon to be animated.

Adobe Launch CS6/Creative Cloud

Adobe commission to do a live-draw at their launch party for CS6 and Creative Cloud at the amazing 1 Marylebone. The VIP guests could tag their illustrations on Facebook the following morning [if they could find themselves]. Drawn on iPad using Photoshop Touch, importing and filtering shots of the venue and guests then scribbling to make it look like the craziest party.

X Media Lab Film

X MediaLab, the internationally acclaimed digital media think-tank came to Bath last month to run one of their globe-trotting Digital workshops. They invited us to live-draw to add some texture and creativity to entertain delegates. We drew on iPads and the drawings were projected onto the walls inside the Ballroom of the world famous Assembly Rooms where Jane Austen would have danced – to a different iTune of course Mr Darcey. Shot by Joe Brown, directed by Simon Deshon at The Creative Federation.


More Brushes fun at The X Media Lab conference in Bath. Big interior projection in The Assembly Rooms….bigger to come. Films to follow.

Bath Half Marathon

The Bath Half Marathon live animation with Brushes – Me and Tim Vyner [Official Olympic Artist] trade lines on a big LED. Animation below.

The Romans

….what did they ever do for us? A couple of drawn sets for an upcoming parody animation of that classic Monty Python sketch.

Illuminate Bath

Fantastic weekend of projections for Illuminate Bath Me, Tim Vyner, Simon Deshon and Anthony Head plastered The Roman Baths with drawings and films.

Nativity Rage

Apparently some bloke bit another’s finger off over the perennial king/shepherd issue! A quick-fire 4 hour/5 illustrations for The Indy.

Gymnasia Herzlia

A new charity project to encourage kids to draw in Israel. Gymnasia Herzlia, the 1st Hebrew school in Tel Aviv [1905], sent 150 international artists one of their school exercise books to fill with drawings for an exhibition to tour schools. Below are a few of mine from an afternoon of inky madness.

ADHD film

A 6 minute educational for the soon to be launched ADHD website. Shot by Chris King at King Camera, produced by Kate Cook for Cherry Advertising

Pissy lunchtime drawing

It only happens a couple of times a year – a drawing lunch – me, Grimwood, Cox and Baseman in the union fo ra six-hour lunch. We did do some work though, here’s a joint Welsh dragon drawn with beetroot and lambchop grease! Roll on the next one.

Onken Idents

The Creative Federation wrote, animated and produced four idents for a new ITV lunchtime show ‘Let’s Do Lunch With Gino And Mel’. Illustration/creative direction – Simon Spilsbury, direction/animation – Simon Deshon, writing/producing – Mark Humphries. Post by Quiet Storm, sound by Scramble.

Van Gogh’s Key

The Institut Van Gogh asked 80 artists worldwide to scribble on a tea towel, cafe-style. The prize? One week of residency in his room at the Auberge Ravoux.