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Pissy lunchtime drawing

It only happens a couple of times a year – a drawing lunch – me, Grimwood, Cox and Baseman in the union fo ra six-hour lunch. We did do some work though, here’s a joint Welsh dragon drawn with beetroot and lambchop grease! Roll on the next one.

Onken Idents

The Creative Federation wrote, animated and produced four idents for a new ITV lunchtime show ‘Let’s Do Lunch With Gino And Mel’. Illustration/creative direction – Simon Spilsbury, direction/animation – Simon Deshon, writing/producing – Mark Humphries. Post by Quiet Storm, sound by Scramble.

Der Spiegel

Once a month, I love the simplicity of this German editorial – should you wear socks with sandals?

Van Gogh’s Key

The Institut Van Gogh asked 80 artists worldwide to scribble on a tea towel, cafe-style. The prize? One week of residency in his room at the Auberge Ravoux.

Meteorite Film

Mix of live action and time lapse shows the Meteorite Growth film growing. Camera – Damian Daniel. Edit – Gavin Mack.

Meteorite Mural

If you’re passing through NoHo, check out my latest mural [through the window] at Meteorite. Drawers by Oliver Heath, drawings by Spilsbury.

New Era Book

New Era launch their anniversary book. There are some crazy hats in there by some crazy people – Stevie Johnson [wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills], Forest Whittaker [The Last King of Scotland/Platoon/Crying Game], the 3 times grammy winning rapper Ludacris, Karen Jonz [2 time world skateboard champion], Norm from ‘Cheers’ – take a look if you can find one.

Bath Half Marathon

Spilsbury drawings illustrate next year’s Bath Half. Have a look at the site and enter here. Come on, you know it makes sense. You can even get a Spilsbury T-shirt. Top design by Simon and Rob at Northbank.

Cover for Discover

On the cover of a magazine. Discover mag in the USA are telling everyone there’s a plague on the way! This mozzy lives in a 3D world, so if anyone wants one, in any position and any environment, give us a call.

Lizard feet

Well, what do you expect if you ask people to take their shoes off on entering your house. The latest for my monthly in Der Spiegel.

40 Years of Page 3

Mine and Spencer Rowell’s response to our brief from The Sun. Very tasteful. Exhibition and London Underground posters, all in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Curated by Ben Moore at Artbelow. Check out Mona Teasers on page 43 of The Sun today.

Working Drawings Exhibition

Anyone who likes drawing and looking at other people’s working drawings should get on the train to Sheffield. This should be a good one. Look at all those big names! Go here for tickets.

New Era Cap Exhibition

The New Era Cap Company sent 50 of us this beautiful box with blank cap and a drawer full of pens. More projects like this please. Exhibition touring USA starting Nov 2010.

Charlie Bigham’s goes live

The chef Charlie Bigham has just relaunched his product range and website with characters from Spilsbury. Pop down to Waitrose and fill your basket. Design by the classiest agency in town, Bigfish.

AOI Bronze

Receiving my paper gong from John Mulholland, editor of The Observer The throng. Me and Hughes looking a little worse for wear. Hughes senior and junior.

Design World Cup

It’s that time of the year again for the most prestigious football tournament in the country – The Design World Cup – organised by the indefatigable Peter Whitehead. A Spilsbury dutchman makes it onto the cover.

Cartoon Archive film

Me narrating a short web-doc on the catoonist Giles and the digitisation by JISC of The British Cartoon Archive.  Film animated and edited by Simon Deshon at The Creative Federation. Me narrating a short web-doc on the catoonist Giles and the digitisation by JISC of The British Archive. Film animated and edited by Simon Deshon at The Creative Federation.